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Long and Winding Road Leads To Norwegian Beatles Podcast

Jan 6th, 2009 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcasting, Podcasting Events

Do you want to know a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Beatles music is, for the first time, available for download in a podcast from Norwegian Broadcasting. [This of course begs some dumb puns about Norwegian Wood. Isn’t it good? But we digress.] Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) made a 2007 documentary series on “Norgesglasset” […]

Creative Commons On Twitter

Nov 18th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Law

Creative Commons – the non-profit that promotes legal sharing on the Internet – is on Twitter, as of about 2 hours ago.  Music that is licensed using Creative Commons licenses has been hugely important to podcasting and new media – so you may want to consider subscribing to the “official Creative Commons microblog.”

US Federal Court Upholds Open Source Licenses

Aug 13th, 2008 | By | Category: Podcasting Law

Free content pioneer Lawrence Lessig notes at his blog today that a US Federal Court has upheld open source licenses (pdf), helping to build a case history for Creative Commons licenses that are frequently used in new media: The Court has held that free licenses such as the CC licenses set conditions (rather than covenants) […]

YouTube’s Legal Troubles Grow By $779 Million

Jul 30th, 2008 | By | Category: General, Internet TV, Streaming Video

Google’s YouTube troubles just got kicked up a notch. Italian media company Mediaset SpA is suing YouTube and its owner, Google, for at least 500 million euros ($779 million). Mediaset claims that Google and YouTube carried out the “illegal distribution and commercial use of audio and video files,” according to a Bloomberg report: According to […]

Google, Viacom Agree To Avoid Media Privacy Debacle

Jul 15th, 2008 | By | Category: General, Internet TV, Podcasting Law, Video

Google announced today that it had reached an agreement with Viacom that will avoid a media debacle over YouTube users privacy: As we let you know on July 4, YouTube received a court order to produce viewing history data. We are pleased to report that Viacom, MTV and other litigants have backed off their original […]

How To Use Other People’s Work In Your Video Podcast And Avoid Getting Sued

Jul 7th, 2008 | By | Category: How to Podcast, Podcasting Law

The Center for Social Media has released a Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Online Video. If you have a vlog, video podcast or post videos to sites like YouTube, knowing about fair use could help keep you from getting sued. Here’s a summary of their recommendations:

Associated Press Raises Copyright/Fair Use Stink

Jun 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Podcasting Law

The Associated Press, after sending cease and desist letters to the social media site Drudge Retort, plans to release guidelines that explain how much of its articles and media bloggers and Web sites can copy within fair use rights: The A.P.’s effort to impose some guidelines on the free-wheeling blogosphere, where extensive quoting and even […]

Does YouTube Lawsuit Threaten The Future Of The Internet?

May 27th, 2008 | By | Category: Featured Story, Internet TV, Streaming Video, Video

Remember Viacom’s $1 billion lawsuit against Google over copyright infringement?

Viacom sued Google, arguing that “YouTube is a significant, for-profit organization….based on building traffic and selling advertising off of unlicensed content.”

Google is fighting back, claiming that the Viacom lawsuit threatens the future of the Internet as we know it!

Copyright And Fair Use In New Media

Jan 27th, 2008 | By | Category: How to Podcast, New Media Organizations, Podcasting Law, Video, Video Podcasts, Vlogs

The Citizen Media Law Project (CMLP) has published an excellent primer on fair use and copyright in the context of new media. These are topics that podcasters, indie video publishers and bloggers continually struggle with. A recent example is the controversy over the Richter Scales unauthorized use of Lane Hartwell’s photos in a video for […]

9 Fair Use Ways To Reuse Online Video

Jan 3rd, 2008 | By | Category: Citizen Media, Internet TV, Podcasting Law

There’s been a lot of controversy in the last year over the use and reuse of coyrighted content in videos published at sites like YouTube. A new study on copyright and creativity from the Center and American University‚Äôs Washington College of Law may help clear things up. The study (pdf), Recut, Reframe, Recycle: Quoting Copyrighted […]