DivShare Promises Free File Hosting Forever

Dec 29th, 2006 | By | Category: Audio Podcasting, Podcast Distribution, Podcast Hosting, Podcasting Services

Diversion Web Publishing has introduced a new site, DivShare, that promises to let you upload anything and share it to the Internet forever.

“DivShare is a free file hosting service for everyone,” according to the site. “No registration required!”

The only catch is that, at some point in time, DivShare will have to come up with a business model to pay for this.

Features (per DivShare):

  • Upload unlimited files
  • Serve unlimited downloads
  • Files stay online forever
  • No pop-up ads or spam
  • Incredibly fast, reliable servers

2 Responses to “DivShare Promises Free File Hosting Forever”

  1. tuure toivikko says:

    how it happens?

    ANY details?

  2. tuure toivikko says:

    how it happens?

    ANY details?

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